Popularity of private security group growing in Albuquerque

There have been some terrible crimes in nearly every Albuquerque neighborhood. The recent horrific shooting of a mother and her three children in Four Hills rocked the whole community.

One of the first people on that scene was a private security officer with the International Protective Service. They're armed and they're getting hired by more and more homeowners in Albuquerque.

IPS Founder Aaron Jones says they're now monitoring neighborhoods from Four Hills (where his very first clients were) to Tanoan, High Desert and the westside. But even if you see them patrolling through your neighborhood, they're only going to respond to calls for help from their clients.

"Someone broke into my garage through my side door of my house," said Homeowner Ron Beck—he knows what it feels like to have your sense of security violated. "I have a security door and I have wrought iron on my windows, and I have dogs."
But Jones says many more Albuquerque residents are taking it a step further.

"We respond to calls for service just like the police do, except we have generally a much quicker response time just because they're so inundated with calls," Jones said.

Jones says when he started IPS, about 10 years ago, he never expected they would one day be in such high demand. All of his employees are retired law enforcement or military. He says they can respond to your call for help in 2 to 8 minutes. He says he has seen APD arrive at the same scene long after they've neutralized the situation.

"It was an hour before the police department came rolling through," Jones said. "They're frustrated, law enforcement is frustrated, everybody's frustrated."

IPS does regular drives by your residence, vacation checks when you're out of town, and clients get a direct line to the IPS dispatch center to call for help. The average cost is about $5 dollars a day.

"You figure what you spend on a lousy cup of coffee, you've got a group of men and women who will risk their lives to protect you and your family," Jones said.
IPS is a 24/7 security service. They work for businesses as well.

Date: 11th December 2016

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